Welcome to Nineteen Eighty Nine

Ranita Ashlock

Welcome !

I hope you are enjoying the view of bargain products so far. I have wanted for so long to own something that I could be proud of. My very own store. This has been such an amazing and learning experience. 

I started out as a young girl playing with Barbie dolls. I would spend hours braiding their hair. Then when I got old enough, I started using hot curling tools on their hair. I had a passion for hair styling. I learned how to braid my own hair. In fact styling hair is my most favorite to do. I can spend hours watching hair videos on youtube! 

Growing older and attending cosmetology class , my love grew for hair. I enjoy being creative and making beautiful hair styles. However I do not wish to be a hair stylist. I prefer to experiment with different styles and showcase them to their world. I have also grown to love the flexibility of hair extensions. 

I hope you enjoy your time on the store and feel free to contact me - 

Nita Lynn

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